At Sullivan Christian Church we value the safety and security of your children. In order to reinforce that, we have a computerized registration/name tag system that randomly generates an alpha-numeric code each time you check in. Each family must fill out a “Welcome to SCC” card. This form is easy to fill out and contains general information about you and your child that will allow us to care for and meet the needs of your family. You will get a form at the Children’s kiosk. After you have turned in your information we will make you a card for check in. Once you have received your card you will have 3 options to use for checking in each Sunday. You can scan your card, use your fingerprint, or use your code for check in. Each parent must check-in their child weekly and will receive two stickers. One is to be placed on your child and the other is retained by the parent to show the teacher when checking your child out of their classroom. If a parent has lost the pick up label, please see Michelle Parks (Children's Minister) to have a new one printed.